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Garden Sculpture
We, at kempability, offer a garden sculpture service making abstract, animal and human figurative works in cast resin, jesmonite, concrete, fibreglass and bronze.  We are able to assist you in making and installing sculpture that allows you to evoke the particular tone or mood you want, or, that fits into the overall spirit of your garden.  

Browse through the photo galleries at the sculpture currently for sale and sculpture that we do.

Commissioning Process:

Design Brief

This will include a site meeting and discussion about what the sculpture will be, the size, the material, the budget, where and how the sculpture will be mounted.

The Maquette

This will be a small preliminary model of the sculpture.  Any adjustments will be made at this stage.   When all is agreed the sculpture will be scaled up into the finished piece. (50 percent of fee payable)

The Finished Sculpture Presentation

The finished sculpture will be shown before being cast.  (75 percent of fee payable)


The sculpture will be installed in the garden or space as agreed in the design brief.  (100 percent of fee payable)

The Pome 
Dimensions H 48cm W 47cm
£1500.00 plus mounting fees and delivery/ postage
The Pome & Cherry
Refer individual photos for dimensions
£3000.00 sold together
Plus mounting fees and delivery/ postage
The Cherry
Height 90cm inc stem
Width 57cm
Depth 43cm
£1750.00 plus mounting fees/ delivery/ postage