We, at kempability, offer an award winning garden sculpture service making bespoke abstract, animal, and human figurative works in cast resin, concrete, fibreglass, steel and bronze which may add a memorial aspect, context, accent to your garden or more simply a focal point.  Hamish, who heads the sculpture,  worked for 4 years in architectural sculpture prior to turning his attention to the garden and landscape. Additionally,  he has trained at the Andrew Sinclair School of Sculpture in Animal and Figurative sculpture, and following this he has undertaken extensive training at the London Sculpture Workshop working with various outdoor sculptural materials.  The sculpture can be made to your personal specifications following a design brief.   We are also able to assist in the setting up and mounting of the sculpture designing and building focal areas and plinths.

Below are some sculptures presently available for purchase.  Contact Hamish via the contact page for a price list.

What People Say

I brought the most wonderful large Cherry garden sculpture from Hamish Kemps collection in November. It sits in our garden where we can see it throughout the day. It has brought so much joy to our garden over the winter. Its bright, cherrie, withstands all the winds and the rain, looks wonderful when covered in frost. The birds love it and are often perched on top of it, the walkers on the footpath all comment on how happy it looks. I will definility be interested in buying more of Hamish's works and look forward to seeing them at the Miserden sculpture trial this year.

Mrs V. Campbell, Barrow Hill, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire 

The Pome, Fibre Glass

Electric Guitar

The Cello, Stainless Steel

The Harp, Stainless Steel

The Cherry, Fibre Glass

Animal Sculpture